“Particularly over the last decade, much has been said about “innovation.” Many have commented on how to create an environment to inspire it, to manage it or benefit from it. In fact, so much has been said that unfortunately many people tune it out. This has happened in part because many merely pay lip service to the notion to further specific political ends and ignore, or not recognize, the need for the right government policies to create an environment to best foster innovation. But even worse, some politicians use innovation as a launching point to begin to advance policy reforms that do damage to the innovation ecosystem. Ignoring the value of an innovation environment, or even opposing it, seems to be the populists’ status quo. However, few will call out innovation for criticism directly, instead aiming their misdirected ire at companies that serve as icons of innovation. Such attacks are often in favor of older economy and declining industries that are not the pathway for the future. In that approach, only raw political power wins, the country’s future is made to suffer, and the interwoven fabric of the innovation economy is harmed in the end. Amid the new and imposing challenges posed by a pandemic, having a political class that appreciates innovation as much as the economy and consumers do is valuable.”

Looking at the FCC’s efforts on broadband during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Broadband Providers and a Smart FCC: Keep Us Connected While We Stay Distant” presents a plan forward on improving the broadband network.

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